About Lone Star Bakery

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For over a century, Lone Star Bakery has merged family values with innovation to deliver quality baked goods. Our story, rooted in tradition and driven by progress, is baked into every product we create. Explore our rich history and discover how we’ve risen to become a leader in the commercial bakery space. Welcome to Lone Star Bakery, where heritage meets innovation in every bite.

Our History

In 1889, a German immigrant opened a small retail bakery in his adopted home of San Antonio, Texas. His specialty was bread, and he quickly earned a reputation for flavor, freshness, and consistent quality. In 1956, the Morris family purchased the popular bakery, and we continued to offer our customers the same high-quality products and services that were important to the bakery’s founder.

As years passed, new techniques for freezing were developed, which allowed the bakery to preserve the flavor and freshness of our products. Because we could now produce volumes of our best-selling products and ship them nationwide, our customer base evolved. Our bakery now provides a variety of items for restaurants, foodservice operators, and in-store bakeries and delicatessens.

Today, Lone Star Bakery serves many top 200 QSR brands, top 15 foodservice distributors, and top 25 grocery chains. We also co-manufacture for many top retail food brands American consumers crave.

2nd generation owner of Lone Star Bakery handing it down to third generation

Tracy Fletcher and Mac Morris